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Toufic is a soldier. I still make mistakes. I was the one who suggested Jong keep a journal. He saw the girl. Lorenzo cut the article out of the newspaper. Oskar snored loudly with his mouth open. Don't tell me this doesn't involve me. She was alone in this opinion.

I got this CD player for free. Loyd thought the car Herb was driving wasn't safe. Blake was trying to give his money away. I'd like to live in Boston someday. Tell me where you put my car keys. I shall have a lamp. Nothing's good enough for me. How do you rank that?

Audrey poured a glass of wine for himself. She hasn't heard the news yet. We're going to wait for Chip. Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you have no sympathy for human pain, The name of human you cannot retain. He's supporting you voluntarily. Bjorne went to the horse races once last summer. We want to do more than that. Committing genocide is one of the biggest crimes against humanity. I'm actually very happy. I was thinking of buying a home in this area.

She liked him right off. Give yourself plenty of time. There are three exceptions. It's not easy for me. Have you ever heard of something similar? Po is very incompetent. Why didn't you tell us you were hurt? I'm going to need you. Can we hurry this along?

A friend of mine came to see me. Case eventually figured out how to install a free database application on his computer. Strong as an ox.

Don't try to blame this on them. I can't bear living alone. He requested me to keep it secret. I didn't realize Anton was in the hospital. My house is fully insured. She put aside the sewing and stood up. I don't believe it at all.

I wish all people loved peace. Even if I came, what good would it do? Have you ever had a girlfriend, Brandon? Each of us assumes everyone else knows what he is doing. They all assume we know what we are doing. We don't. This is the same pencil that I lost the other day.

Tony doesn't care. Tobias confessed his love to me yesterday and we have started dating. We have supplied the villagers with food. After much debate, Congress passed the bill.

You're going to want to take a picture of this. She doesn't look like her father at all. Where is the gas station? You should discuss this with Cathrin. Can I get a pillow? Hemingway enjoyed big game hunting in Africa. I'm getting married this year.

Can't you tell that Jennifer is upset? A sure method to be rich is to be born rich. I'll do what must be done.

Jingbai gets up at 6:30. This is not a good sign. You wouldn't recognize Sangho anymore. Amigo told me he wasn't busy. Why did you change the plan? The house collapsed. Tracey is a beautiful and intelligent young woman. All voices were extinguished in the climax. Don't sit on that bench. I think we need to take a break.

Why are you surprised? Could you lend me the book? The town was full of activity. I hid it under the mattress. Felicja enjoys watching TV. Seenu opened the lid. Srinivasan got angry with me. We're all right.

He was supposed to be here. In order to lose weight, it is best to take up some sport. You can only smoke in the roof garden. I study math harder than English. I saw the data. I haven't met any woman I wanted to be married to. I brought presents from Redang Island.